It’s More Than Just a Wine Club…

We created our Loyalty Program in 2018 to help us give back to our customers. Our goal is to make this 100% flexible: you get whatever wines you want, whenever you want them. In exchange for an 18-bottle commitment over a calendar year, we reward you with perks to thank you for being our loyal customer.

Your Loyalty Shipments

A Donelan Loyalty Membership provides the opportunity to receive a shipment of our wines a minimum of three times a year. You’ll have first call on all new wines and all releases throughout the year.

  • 6+ Bottles from the Winter Release
  • 6+ Bottles from the Spring Release
  • 6+ Bottles from the Fall Release

Customize the wines in your shipments, or choose our default shipment.

Loyalty Member Tiers

Reach different Loyalty Member levels by purchasing the wines you want throughout the year, not just for your seasonal shipments!

CUVEE MEMBERS commit to 18+ Bottles a Year

COLLECTOR MEMBERS commit to 24+ Bottles a Year

OBSIDIAN MEMBERS commit to 36+ Bottles a Year

DONELAN SOCIETY MEMBERS spend $5k a year, by invitation only

Membership in the Donelan Loyalty Program grants you access to the perks below.

Priority Access

Enjoy priority access to all new wines and special releases via our monthly newsletter. We offer them to you first, and what isn’t sold out is then sent to our general mailing list. Here are examples of what you receive first; new vintages, library wines that are nearly sold out, magnums, special holiday promotions, and limited edition wines.

Exclusive Pricing on Library Wines

Buy all our Library Wines at exclusive Loyalty Pricing. This is the most valuable feature of our program and an excellent way to explore older wines and build your collection! You will save significantly on everything in our cellar. For example, a bottle of our 2009 Keltie Syrah (rated 98+ Points) is listed at $400, but only $250 for Loyalty Members. Our 2020 Genevieve’s Block Chardonnay is $200 list price and just $130 for Loyalty Members.

Get Rewarded

Reach different membership levels by purchasing wine throughout the year. After your 24th Bottle, enjoy $50 off shipping on all case orders. We also send you an annual Birthday Offer and a special offer when you Refer a Friend.

Complete Flexibility

With your Winter, Spring, and Fall Release shipments you can choose our default shipment or customize and pick exactly what you want! Your only commitment is a minimum of 6 bottles at each release.

Do I have to be part of the Loyalty Program to get your wines? No! If you’d rather not sign up, you can still order through our website whenever you would like.

Do I have to pick a level to sign up for? No! Everyone’s commitment is the same — minimum of 18 bottles per year, with as much flexibility as you can imagine. What you purchase beyond that, if anything, is fully up to you.

If the commitment is only 18 bottles, how do I get access to Collector status or Obsidian status? Status is calculated based on total bottles of wine purchased in a calendar year. If you add bottles to your release order or make separate purchases throughout the year, every bottle counts toward achieving status.

I just bought my 24th bottle! When do my Collector Status perks start? On your next case purchase, and every one for the rest of this calendar year.

I want to be able to pick my own wines. Can I do that? Yes, absolutely! We would not have it any other way. Before each release, you’ll have the ability to adjust the shipment however you would like from among all of the wines we have available at that time.

I don’t want to have to remember to modify my shipment every time, but I know the wines I want. Can I just have you send me the same set of wines each year? Yes! If, for example, you just want 6 bottles of Nancie Chardonnay every Spring, and 3 bottles of Obsidian Syrah, and 3 bottles of Cuvee Moriah every Fall, we can set that up for you so that you never have to lift a finger.

I’m moving and can’t deal with more wine coming in. Can I skip a shipment? You can skip one shipment.

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